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We take great pride in the development of our own textbook series, My Chinese. This series is the culmination of the decades of experience shared between our founder and teachers, enriched by feedback from parents. Our main textbook, My Chinese, is very visually engaging, practical, and effective in a teaching environment. Our supplementary teaching materials promote learning through engaging in activities and play, making our teaching method particularly effective as a tool for learning Chinese as a second or third language.

My Chinese is divided into the following:


1. Hanyu Pinyin & Strokes
Different from traditional teaching tools, our material focuses on learning “initials” first, then “finals”, and finally being able to utilize both to create words and phrases. We give an English pronunciation comparison to all Pinyin to better serve students from non-Chinese speaking backgrounds. Each section features a playful graphic that teaches four new phrases that can be strung into complete sentences.


2. Pictograms
Chinese is a difficult language to learn. However, the graphic nature of the written language allows us to better grasp the meanings and appearances of characters. We have carefully chosen 50 radicals that are also independent characters. By learning characters through pictograms, students are able to understand the meanings of these words quickly in a manner that is engaging and interesting.


3. You and I, My Family, My School, My Community, Our World
These five textbooks place focus on the individual, families, school life, the community, and the natural world. The books all follow the same format and aim to relate directly to students’ daily lives. Students may use what they learn right away. Each textbook has 8 lessons, with each lesson focusing on a situation that occurs in daily life, enriched with graphics to enhance learning. Four cartoon images accompany four separate daily conversations in each lesson that promote the use of a diverse vocabulary. The goal is for these lessons to be learned easily and retained easily. Each textbook includes a basic review in the beginning and a certificate and award of completion at the end. Each text can be interchanged and do not require a specific order of learning. This allows for easier classroom learning.


Our textbooks and teaching materials are not only for our school’s usage. We encourage other schools and organizations to utilize our material, providing training sessions on how to best use our materials as a teaching tool. If interested, please fill out our Teaching Materials Order Form or contact us directly.