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Self-designed Teaching Charts

Our textbooks may be used along with our supplementary teaching tools. Also a product of our combined teaching experience, these tools are practical and engaging.





Interesting Traditional Story Books

When young children have built up a good foundation of Chinese pinyin, simple words and short sentences, we introduce fun traditional Chinese moral stories to train their reading and speaking skills and provide an immersive Chinese learning environment. Simplified characters writing will be assigned focusing on using and reinforcing one to three key radicals for each book.


金斧头 神笔马良 刘家五兄弟


长发妹2 聚宝缸2 曹冲称象


Intensive Vocabulary Building and Paragraph Reading

For adolescent beginners and students who have Chinese learning background, who would like to receive intensive training on communicative abilities and reading, writing skills, we offer classes especially tailored to your needs, combining different levels of materials.


中文听说读写-教材 跟我学汉语-教材 跟我学汉语-教材内页1 跟我学汉语-练习 

标准中文1 标准中文3