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Our belief is that, given our experience and expertise, we can be the most effective in Chinese education with the development of our own textbook series, My Chinese. Using this teaching tool, we are able to specially design our own curriculum.
For K-12 students, we emphasize:
1. Phonics and Pronunciation. We begin by teaching Pinyin so that students learn the sounds and four tones of the Chinese language.
2. Listen and Speak before Read and Write. We focus on teaching students to understand and speak Chinese so that they may readily begin to use their new skills. We then use reading and writing skills to advance their Chinese knowledge.
3. Pictograms to pique interest. We teach how to write and recognize Chinese characters through Pictograms so that students stay interested and wish to learn more.
4. Learn what you can use right away. Our textbook series focuses around themes like My Family or My School that apply directly to daily life and conversation so students may readily apply their newfound knowledge.
5. Visual learning. We use graphics and images as another tool that enhances the effectiveness of learning Chinese words and phrases.
6. Physical engagement. To avoid a rigid or mundane learning environment, we promote Chinese education through activities such as singing, playing, acting, etc.
7. Repetition. Students will be encouraged to use what they learn frequently in order to promote retention of knowledge.
8. Interchangeability. We emphasize the importance of students’ ability to quickly and easily transition back and forth from English and Chinese.
For adult students, we emphasize:
1. Cultural comparisons between Chinese and American cultures.
2. Skills necessary for immediate use in the job market.
3. Grammatical and structural differences between the Chinese and English languages.
4. Practical, daily dialogue and phrases.