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At the convenience of parents and students, we offer Chinese classes at participating schools and centers, serving their own student populations. We offer daily After-school Classes and weekly Mandarin Classes. These classes typically take place before or after school on select days during the school week. Besides, our tutoring classes adopt small group study with flexible schedule and location based on your demands. Tutoring classes offer a customized study plan for students and ensure students’ high efficiency and interaction with the teacher, which are also welcomed by students. In addition, we provide weekend classes and summer camps. According to specific requests and needs of individual schools, we work closely with school administrators to find the best educational solution to meet the needs of their students, including courses to offer and which of our teachers to run them.


For schools seeking to offer Chinese classes as part of their own curriculum, we offer consulting services that work closely with these schools to develop a complete curriculum and teaching plan needed to initiate classes. We also provide expertise in selecting textbooks and teaching materials as well as training courses for teachers. If schools do not have their own Chinese teaching staff, we have the capability to send members of our own teaching staff to enable the highest quality of education for these schools.


For all students within these sites, we not only prepare them to participate in their own school or center activities and performance, we also encourage them to take part in events hosted by our own campuses including Chinese competitions, China Educational Travel, etc. to allow students to have more opportunities to practice and utilize their Chinese skills.


Please check other pages about our classes, campuses & calendars. If you have any questions or need further information about our classes, you can call (510) 952-7718, (510) 386-5828 or email us at: chineseteaching@unitededu.org

Chinese Class at AlmondChinese Performance at Thornhill Carnival